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Facial Oil

I’m a big fan of oil in my skincare. I used to be terrified it would break me out, but after an esthetician taught me how to properly use oil,…

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My Morning Matcha

Matcha for me is an integral part of life. That may sound dramatic, but seriously it is the main motivation for getting out of my cozy bed most mornings. I…

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Matcha 101

Matcha is a powerful form of green tea. The entire tea leaf is stone-ground into a fine powder and consumed whole, rather than the traditional preparation of steeping the tea…

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Seasonal Bites: April

Spring has officially sprung and produce has shifted into detoxifying bites, like the April picks below.  Strawberries: I am so excited to see these back at the farmer’s market. Nothing is…

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Food Prep

Yesterday I started Whole 30. Deeply fearing a dry 30 days, I guzzled down a month’s worth of red wine the night before starting. Smart. Fortunately, I chopped, spiralized, and roasted my…

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