1 – The elevated water bottle –  I have a few of these and love them for staying hydrated, but especially for taking green smoothies to-go. They are toddler tested too.

2 – Bands – You can throw these in a suitcase and workout anywhere. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer.

3 – Set Active Sports bra – I don’t say this lightly, these are legitimately the best bras I’ve every found. They are the perfect balance between support and comfort. “Sculp flex” are my favorite!

4 – Red light therapy – Stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and relieves muscle pain. Love this little gadget.

5 – Mini Theragun – One of the things I miss most about my pilates studio being open is having one of these to use after my workout. Gets into tight muscles like nothing else anddddd it’s on sale!

6 – Acupressure Mat and Pillow – Lay on this baby for a few minutes for the ultimate relaxation. Helps with neck pain, back pain, and finding your zen.

7 – Airlift leggings – I’ve been an airlift legging junkie for years. They hold you in, have a slight sheen to elevate your look and they’re just insanely flattering. This red is perfect for the holidays.

8 – Bala Exercise ring – I’ve been obsessed with their bangles forever, and now this ring. At 10 pounds, it’s perfect for home workouts. Press, hold, swing and squat with it!

9 – Rag and Bone Tennis Shoes – I’m all about APLs for running and workouts, but these are the perfect white tennis shoes for walking around our neighborhood!

10 – CBD Bath Fizz – Pop this into the bath after a tough workout or a tough day.

11 – Leopard mask – if we must wear a mask it might as well be cute 😉