1 – Cocktail Book – This pretty cocktail book is centered around champagne and the perfect partner to the cocktail glasses linked under / 5 / below.

2 – This tortilla press is cast iron and super high quality. Pair it with one of my favorite cookbooks below.


3 – Mexico Cook Book –  One of my favorites!

4 – Wine purifier – If you’re like me, you’ve developed a little wine habit this year. This gadget helps remove sulfites (buh-bye hangover) and improves taste.

5 – Cocktail Glasses – I have these in purple and they are beyond gorgeous. The color is muted in person (I am a neutrals girl through and through), but still adds a fun and subtle pop of color to your table.

6 – Caraway Cookware – I did so much research to find the perfect pans and the reviews were insanely positive for these. I’ve never seen non-stick actually be *this* non-stick before. Oh, and they’re gorgeous!

7 – This Airfryer has officially replaced my oven! It makes perfectly crispy vegetables with the tiniest amount of oil. It can bake, roast, fry, toast…all in one compact machine! Also, this is definitively the best oil spray I’ve found for the air fryer or regular oven roasting (sprays super evenly and doesn’t clog).

8 – Milk Frother – Make your latte sans the fancy espresso machine. This does the trick perfectly!

9 – Stovetop Pour Over Tea Kettle – This is just soooo beautiful sitting out! It comes in a matte white that I love too.

10 – Indoor Grill – If you don’t have a ton of outdoor space for a barbecue (or want to keep grilling through winter) this is the perfect alternative.

11 – Brightland Olive Oil – Super smooth, gorgeous bottle, and the perfect gift for any chef.