10 Kitchen Swaps That Are Better for the Earth and Your Wallet (They’re Pretty Too)


(un)Paper towels: I bought these a few weeks ago and use 1-2 for the day (I just rinse and hang over our sink each time I use it). At the end of the day, I toss it in the laundry then wash them all weekly! We are using way fewer paper towels now.

Stasher bags: Instead of using traditional ziplocks I have slowly been collecting stasher bags for packing to-go snacks and storing food in the fridge. They aren’t the cheapest so I have been waiting for sales and just buying a few at a time. They’re super high quality and last forever!

Bee’s Wrap instead of plastic wrap. Plastic wrap   I usually put food in our glass containers when I’m storing, but for the times when I need plastic wrap, I’ve switched to Bee’s wrap which is reusable and plastic-free.

Glass containers. Like I mentioned, we love these glass containers! You can heat food in them and they don’t stain like the plastic kind.

Buy bulk and store in these canisters. For certain foods (spices, nuts, grains, and such) I like to buy in the bulk section and then store in these pretty canisters. It saves money and uses less single-use plastic. These canisters are also just pretty and that makes me happy!

Reusable grocery bags. I love these and these, which both give back to good causes when you purchase. My biggest issue is actually remembering to bring them – working on it!

Grow your own herbs. I am going to do a full breakdown of patio gardening, but in the interim starting a simple, indoor herb garden is one way to start producing your own food.

Use a french press for coffee or tea (like this or this). I think loose tea tastes better and it’s less wasteful. If you’re using coffee filters every single day trying a french press is a good way to reduce waste.

Reusable straws. Apparently, metal straws are a no-no from dentists so I’ve switched to reusable silicone straws.

Replace your plastic water bottles. These come in a ton of sizes and will keep your drink hot or cold for longer.


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