My Nighttime Skincare Routine


I feel like I finally have a routine I love. Pregnancy and breastfeeding forced me to simplify my routine since a lot of my serums had questionable ingredients. Now that I’m done breastfeeding, I have added a few ingredients back in (namely, retinol). This routine might look complicated but it takes five minutes, promise!

Here’s what I do every night:

+ Double wash: I like to start with an oil-based cleanser like an oil or a balm. I put this on directly over my makeup (without wetting my face first). I give my face a thorough massage, then rinse it off. If I’m not wearing makeup I’ll stop at this wash. If I am, I like to do a second wash with my most tried and true cleanser, this chamomile wash.

+ Toner: I am dry so I use a hydrating toner next. If you are oily or acne-prone this one is great as well.

+ Retin-a or lactic acid: I use prescription retin-a or over-the-counter lactic acid next. I tend to switch back and forth every other night between the two. I get my prescription from dermaplus (they ship), but you can get a prescription from any dermatologist. As far as over-the-counter retinol go, I haven’t found one I love. If you are preggo or breastfeeding Beauty Counter makes a safe version I liked when I couldn’t use retinol.

+ Moisturizer: I’m not going to lie, when I left San Francisco I tried to find other products. I have tried replacing this moisturizer with trendy, influencer-pushed brands and nothing compares. They have a gel-based for oilier skins and moisturizer for skin like mine that needs hydration. I know I seem dermaplus obsessed (I am). I make exactly $0 for writing about their products – they’re just too good not to share!

+ Eye Cream: This is a very recent step so I can’t speak to the results yet. I love this little roller for putting it on!

+ Oil: I was told to always put oil on last. If you put it on before your water-based moisturizer, your lotion won’t soak in. Oil is meant to “seal in” your other products.

Here’s what I do 1-3 times a week:

Face mask 1-2x per week: If I need moisture I go to this. If I need to seriously exfoliate I go to this. If I need to deal with puffiness or dryness I put on this sheet mask straight from the fridge.

Dermaroller: I like to do this three times a week but it’s usually closer to twice. I use the dermaroller after the toner step of my routine, then do the rest of my routine as usual when I am done rolling.

Jade roller or ice globes: This really works if you do it daily (I love it in the morning). But I usually only use it in emergency puffy situations because I forget!

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