Quick, No-Equipment Workout

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Here’s how to do the moves:

10 Squat Jump with Pulses. Lower into a deep squat, pulse twice, then jump off the ground explosively and repeat

30 high knees with a twist. Stand with feet under hips. Pull your left knee towards your chest and tap the top of your knee with both hands. Swiftly switch legs and tap both hands to your right knee as you pull it towards your chest. Hop back and forth between your legs as quickly as you can, twisting the torso slightly back and forth. Tap each knee 15 times (30 total)

15 Fire Hydrant to Leg Extension. Get on all fours on a mat (hands under shoulders, knees under hips). Keeping right knee bent 90 degrees, lift right knee to the side at hip level. Bring knee to starting position then immediately kick the leg straight behind you. Do all 15 on one side then repeat on the other.

20 Plank jacks. Start in a high plank. keeping hips stable, jump both feet wider than your hips (like you were doing a jumping jack), then immediately hop both legs back to hip distance. 

12 side lunge with kick. Start standing with feet under hips. Step your right leg as far to the right as you can, bending into your right knee but keeping your left leg completely straight. Push off of your right knee, and kick your right leg straight off the ground, slightly behind you. Then, land back into your deep side lunge and continue the cycle. Repeat on the other side after completing 12 reps.