How to Get the Perfect Tan


I’ve officially mastered my method for getting the most even tan, sans sun. So whether you’re still stuck inside isolating or simply avoid the sun, you can still get that glow!

Here’s how I do it:

1 – Dry brush. Strip down and dry brush your entire body. Use long, firm strokes, moving towards your heart as you brush your arms and legs. Use smaller, circular motions on your stomach. Spend five minutes brushing your entire body, going over each area 3-4 times.

2 – Use another scrub in the shower. Yep, we’re exfoliating again in the shower. We want to be as smooth as possible! Gently scrub all over your body and make sure to rinse off any oily residue.

3 – To shave or not to shave? If you ever get those dark dots after spray tanning, this is usually the tanner settling into your pores. People swear by not shaving before tanning if this is an issue. If this is you, skip the shave and shave the day after you tan. I personally shave before spray tanning because I don’t have this issue and find it’s more even that way.

4 – Dry off, then apply your tanner. I am personally loving this gradual tanner. I apply it right after patting dry. I use even, circular motions all over my body, applying any leftovers to the top of my hands, knees, elbows, and the tops of my feet. Then, I immediately wash the palm of my hands. My other tried-and-true tanner is the airbrush spray from Neutrogena. It’s good for anyone who streaks, since the spray helps it stay even.

5 – Let it dry! Let the lotion or spray dry for 5 minutes before putting on a robe or loose clothing.

6 – Make your face match. At night, when you do your skincare, add a drop of Tan-Luxe to your face moisturizer.

VoilĂ ! Perfectly tan, vacation or not.


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