Workout: Full Body + Cardio Circuit

Copy of Workouts

10 Frog burpees: start in a high plank. Jump both feet to the outside of your hands. Once your feet are planted, lift the upper body so you are in a deep squat (do not stand up). After hitting a proper squat, immediately place your hands back down and jump feet back into a plank. That’s one rep.

20 Curtsy with overhead press (10 / side). Hold weights or cans of soup. Start standing, feet hip-width apart. Step your left foot behind you and to the right, as you bend your knees, so you’re in a curtsey lunge. As you stand back to the starting position, press both hands overhead as you pull your left knee to your chest.

10 Forearm plank with alternate arm reach.Start in a forearm plank. Keep your core tight and hips still as you gently reach your right arm in front of you. Bring your hand back, then reach your left arm foreword. That’s one rep.

Plie squat series. Start in a very wide stance, feet turned out, knees deeply bent. Knees should be directly over toes and shoulders directly over hips. Hold your core extremely tight and swiftly punch right then left arm. Repeat 30 times  (15 punches per side). Stay low in squat, hands in prayer, and gently shift side to side so you are just barely shifting weight into your right heel then left heel (1 inch back and forth, staying in a deep squat). Shift back and forth 20 times (10 per side).

Bonus core move: 10 Jacknife. Start laying on your back, arms overhead, legs straight (so you are one long line). With control, lift your upper and lower body together to form a v shape with your body. Hold the v for two counts, then lower down with control.