Week 1: The Body Love Program


Week one of my 21-day Body Love program is done! I feel weird even referring to it as a “program” because, in reality, I was just living my life with a few tweaks (and extra super tasty recipes). If you missed my explanation of Body Love by Kelly Leveque, check it out here.

First, let’s start with how I’m doing based on the goals I set for myself:

+ Weight loss: I lost 4 pounds this week. This is a lot for me. In addition to weight, my stomach is a lot flatter and I don’t feel as bloated (something that happens super easily to me since giving birth).

+ Improve the quantity and quality of my sleep: Sleep is the same, unfortunately. Currently off sleep meds, but there’s still room for improvement. I’m reading this book to hopefully gain some insight!

+ End the nightly wine habit: Haven’t had wine this week. It was tough the first two nights because it’s become habitual to have a glass while I cook. Nothing is “wrong” with this ritual, but for me, I don’t like feeling like I need something. I have a lot of addiction in my family, and it’s something that is in that back of my mind all of the time with alcohol. Interestingly, without that habit to lean on, I found myself pulling out my computer and starting some exciting projects. Not having that crutch helped my creativity come out, which usually doesn’t happen at night. I will probably try to take 4-5 days a week off from drinking, and still enjoy it a couple of nights! #balance

+ Have consistent energy throughout the day: Even though my sleep wasn’t better, my energy was more consistent. Usually, I feel a lull at two or three o’clock, post-lunch. My lunches were pretty much the same (protein, lots of vegetables, and healthy fats), but with less of a heavy hand on the starchy carbs. I normally eat oneish cup of grains or starchy veg, and I am now eating a quarter to half cup max. I think this helped me avoid the food coma after lunch. I’m also now eating breakfast, so I am not so starving by lunchtime.

What I love about the program so far: My main win this week is my mindset. Anytime I start a program like this I do a huge overhaul and then I’m over it a week in. It’s all I can think about the whole time. This feels flexible rather than prescriptive. I don’t feel like anything is off-limits. If I want pizza, cookies, or pasta (had all three this week) I just think about how I can make them include the #fabfour (the basis for Kelly’s program): Fat, Fiber, Protein, and Greens. It’s really simple to remember and, so far, it works!

What isn’t working for me: I find it too difficult to eat something new every single day for all three meals. I like to make one big batch of something and eat that all week for lunch. I normally don’t eat breakfast, but with my new addition of smoothies, it felt like overkill to buy thirty different smoothie ingredients for the week in order to create seven different smoothies. Instead, I simply chose two smoothies and two lunches from week one and ate those every day for breakfast/lunch. Then, I stuck with the plan as is for dinners. Always make things work for you!

I’ll keep giving these #bodylove updates weekly. Let me know if you’re curious about knowing more!