Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

More than ever, we have to work to calm nerves and escape the constant flow of all-to-often depressing news filling our feeds. While we may not be escaping on vacation or heading to the spa any time soon, there’s no reason we can’t create an oasis at home. Quarantined or not, this at-home spa experience is something I like to do every Sunday to create a sense of calm as I head into Monday:

Start with a clean space. Maybe you full blown purge your bathroom (I did it this week and it felt so damn good). Or maybe you just hide the clutter in a drawer and wipe down the space. Sometimes ignorance is bliss (and all you have time for).

Turn off the noise. If you have kids, lock the door. If you have a demanding job, turn the phone off. Get rid of any distractions and turn on some calming music.

Candles and low light. When’s the last time you went to a brightly lit spa? Yea, never. Turn down (or off) the lights and put out a bunch of candles.

Put on a skin mask. I like to gently cleanse, spray a hydrating toner, and put on a mask that fits my skin’s needs. I love this clay mask when my skin is congested or breaking out, this collagen mask when I need to plump up my skin, and this mask if my skin is dry, tired, or dull.

Dry brush. While that mask is doing its magic, brush your skin, always brushing towards your heart. Your skin will be insanely smooth and you’ll get a boost in circulation.

Eucalyptus. I get a delivery monthly of eucalyptus that I put in my kitchen. Each time a new delivery comes, I use a hairband to tie old, dried leaves to the showerhead or bath spout. It will give off the most wonderful, relaxing, good-smelling steam.

Good scrub or soak. Soaking in Epsom salts or scrubbing down in the shower will leave your skin and muscles feeling so good.

Oil up. Especially after a hot bath or shower, your skin will need moisture. A few of my favorites: this, this, and this.

Have something worthwhile to change into. After all that beautifying, get into cozy sweats or a robe!

What are you doing to stay calm and take care of yourself?