Staying Healthy on Vacation

Losing Weight on Vacation

I’m sure other moms can relate to the shift you go through physically and emotionally post-birth. At first, I was totally cool with the differences in my body; I was so in awe of what it had created, that I was able to let go of the aesthetic differences for the first time in my life. Now, 5 months later, I’m very much ready to get back in shape. I quit dieting for good a long time ago, but I’ve found it super challenging not to fall back into that diet cycle in order to jump start things. Instead, I’ve made simple dietary changes and started working out consistently about a month ago. I really believe that small changes, done with extreme consistency is the way to find health (versus an extreme plan promising swift progress).

Losing Weight on Vacation

When we packed up to head to Hawaii this week, I wanted to keep the momentum going without being obsessive. Enjoying vacation > obsessing over my diet. The tips below are not only simple, but I actually think they helped me enjoy my vacation more. When I was a chronic dieter, vacation was a rare opportunity to do whatever, so even if I felt like a salad, I’d order the burger because I unconsciously knew I’d be back in diet mode eventually. Choosing the heaviest choice every time, made me feel like shit by the end of vacation. By maintaining a better balance with the tips below, I not only enjoy myself but I continue feeling energized. Win, win:

Micromanage the bartender.

I like to drink, but cocktails can be a massive sugar bomb. I typically drink either rosé or a skinny margarita. If they don’t have a specific skinny margarita, I ask the bartender for tequila, a ton of lime, jalapeño, and soda. Other good choices are hard alcohol with soda and citrus, champagne, and dry wines.

Get active.

I really like to relax on vacations – put me on a beach and I really don’t need to move all day. But I enjoy that laziness so much more if I’ve done something super active in the morning. Since I mostly do workout classes at home, I like to make my vacation workouts outdoors. Hikes, walks, runs, etc. If I’m on a city vacation, I like to skip the workout and just walk everywhere. If you’re near a beach, throw on your headphones and try this:

Start on the hard sand, closer to the water
1 minute, jog or full sprint, depending on fitness level
1 minute, walk
Repeat 15x

Turn around, but head to the soft sand for more resistance
30-40 minutes, power walk as fast as you can all the way back

Make 2 of 3 meals super healthy.

I tend to skip breakfast, so for me lunch is clean (mostly vegetables, some sort of protein, and healthy fats – I skip the starchy carbs at lunch for energy reasons). Then at dinner, I like to enjoy whatever sounds good!

Hydrate like crazy.

Especially if you are drinking more alcohol than usual, you need to be sipping water all day long. A good rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces (If you weight 140 lbs, aim for 70 ounces water). Plus, an extra 8 ounces for every serving of alcohol, for each 30 minutes of exercise, and even more if it’s hot!

Take advantage of the relaxation.

Sometimes people have trouble losing weight because their stress levels are so high. Lack of sleep, adrenal fatigue, and stress snacking are all factors. So try shutting down your work email, get a massage, sleep in, just do whatever feels good!

Crowd out.

I really don’t like a restrictive mindset, especially on vacation. When you sit down to a meal try saying “I want to eat more vegetables at this meal” rather than “I can’t have pasta.” Name the positive things you could add to your day and focus on that.

End your meals with mint tea.

Mint is so good for digestion. You can ask for a mint tea bag or I like to ask if they have fresh mint, lemon, and hot water.

What do you do to feel healthy on vacation?