What to Put on Your Baby Registry

I recently put together a super detailed list of evvvvverything we used in the first four months of Noa’s life. If you’re trying to build a registry before the baby comes, I recommend looking there. My top ten list, below, is more of a favorites list, some things being over-the-top bougie and some being cheap and practical.

I found putting together a baby registry as a first time mom incredibly challenging and I really wanted a detailed, organized list to reference (hence the psycho excel spreadsheet linked above). I didn’t want to wind up with a bunch of adorable clothes and desperately using Amazon at 4 AM (which turns out is kind of unavoidable anyway, sigh). But my hope is that this will help you decide what to get so you can be as organized as possible before the baby comes.

Something else that really helped me was to use drawer dividers and clearly label the sections so that everything has a place and no matter who is putting things back, they go in the same spot. I feel like this level of detailed organization has allowed us to keep a relatively sane household. Ideally you can get it done before the baby gets here!

On to the list…

What to Put on Your Baby Registry

What to Put on Your Baby Registry

1. The Snoo

This bassinet responds to your baby’s cries with rocking and white noise. I honestly didn’t initially buy into the hype here so we didn’t get it until two months in. The first night we put her in this thing, she went from sleeping from 7PM-12AM, to 7PM-4AM. It was a GAME CHANGER to say the least. We rented it instead of buying, but they have amazing sales (like 30-40% off) if you can wait it out.

2. Little Sleepies

I am not into spending a ton on baby clothes (cause, hello spit up and growing out of clothes in .5 seconds). However, these Little Sleepies are the softest, coziest clothing she owns. I recommend registering for a bunch in various sizes because babies live in onesies.

3. Baskets

Okay, so not really a “baby” product. But, a sanity saver for the OCD out there. Sometimes shit is just plain chaotic and you need to get clutter out of the way fast. These baskets live throughout our house and turn bright, seizure-inducing baby toys into neutral heaven.

4. The Uppa Vista Stroller

This was the product I did the most research on. Test driving, review reading, momma-friend harassing research. During the test driving phase it wasn’t my top pick because it felt heavier and bulkier than other options. However, the bulkiness comes with the perk of a LOT of storage underneath and this is crucial.

5. Nail file

Cutting baby nails is the thing nightmares are made of. Enter: the nail file. I love this thing and while it takes a bit of practice, zero baby injuries over here.

6. The Happiest Baby Wrap

I can officially add baby swaddle expert to my resume. We tested every single effing swaddle out there. First off, you have to get a velcro swaddle, do not mess with the old school blanket wraps – babies are little ninjas and they will escape them. Second, just buy this wrap because it is significantly superior to the rest. If you get the snoo, it comes with these wraps. But, you can also just buy these separately if the snoo isn’t in your plan.

7. Artipoppe Baby Carrier

This is by far the bougiest baby product I own. It was a gift, since Alex would likely divorce me if I bought this myself. But let me tell you, I love it. It is SO comfortable and the only wrap Noa likes. And yes, babies have strong opinions on carriers.

8. Baby Shusher

I kind of laughed when someone told me to get this. Until I had a newborn and found myself using it around the clock because it puts Noa down like a charm. We’ve actually broken two because we use it so damn much.

9. Bottle Sterilizer

The reason I love this so much is because I was an exclusive pumper so we went through so many bottles and pump parts each day. This allowed me to wash them quickly, put them in the machine, and they were completely dry at the end of the cycle (rather than having pump and bottle parts all over my counter drying 24/7).

10. Doc-a-tot

I love this thing. It allows me to carry Noa around with me, have her nap anywhere, and at really desperate times I’d put her in it next to me in bed (Note: this is not recommended for sleep, just supervised napping).