Getting Out of a Funk

getting out of a funk: 9 tips for how to get out of a funk

I woke up in an absolute shit mood yesterday. You know the kind; when it seems like no matter what you tell yourself the glass seems to be half empty. Buttttt…I’m really on a kick of not giving into my emotions these days. I’m not saying you need to feel bright and bubbly all of the time. I just think it’s important to distinguish when negative emotions are over nothing (versus truly dealing with a challenging event) and when they are taking over your life (versus processing an emotion and moving on appropriately). Since my mood was shit for no reason, I was determined to turn it around. I put together this list of ways to get back in the drivers seat when your emotions try to sweep you away.

Getting Out of a Funk

Call out the emotion

My main challenge is anxiety. For others it might be sadness, worry, fear, anger. Whatever it is, it helps me immensely when I acknowledge it. When that feeling bubbles up, often my gut reaction is to stuff it back down deeeeeeep and do an internal get the fuck out of here. I find that this actually makes matters worse overtime. Instead, try observing and calling it out (“hmm, I feel sad right now. That’s uncomfortable. But that’s okay, it’s totally normal to feel sad sometimes”). It will feel uncomfortable to actively sit with your emotion at first, but you’ll find it takes a lot of the power back when you can be present with hard feelings.

Get outside

Be it sunshine or a crisp winter day, getting some time outside can do wonders for your mood. Being in nature has been shown to lower heart rate, stress, and blood pressure.

Move your body

This can be a hardcore boxing class, stair workout, a simple stroll around the block, or just cleaning your house. Walking for just 20 minutes can reduce cortisol (a hormone that can spike with stress) and increase serotonin (which in turn improves mood).

Turn off the screens.

Nothing is worse for an already bad mood than mindlessly scrolling through hundreds of photos of people who seemingly have it better than you. Just turn the screen off and once again, get outside.


If you have time for a full meditation, great! I love the app headspace if you need a little assistance. Even just a few deep breaths can help though. Try breathing in for 4 counts, holding for 4, then exhaling for 6. Repeat this as many times as you can.

Talk to a friend

I want to isolate when I’m in a bad mood, but sometimes calling a friend or going to grab a glass of wine can get you out of your head and feeling happier. If you don’t feel like you have a community, just simply getting around people (like working at a busy coffee shop) or saying a few words to the cashier can help you feel more connected.

Eat whole foods

Drowning your sorrows in a bunch of simple carbs might sound really good in the midst of your woe-is-me moment, but eating your veggies and some high quality protein is going to stabilize your blood sugar and help keep your mood steadier.

Try adaptogens or CBD

I find that when my anxiety is particularly high this brand of CBD oil, or ashwaganda powder can both help the situation. Remember to treat supplements like nice-to-haves, you still need to take other actions to truly help yourself out. I never want to present supplements like they are a cure-all – this is simply something that has helped me.

Practice stoicism

This is a philosophy that at its core teaches that you should only rely on yourself and your response to life’s events; external factors cannot be controlled or predicted. I recommend grabbing The Daily Stoic and having a quick read each morning. You can also head to their website for daily emails if you’re lot into a physical book.

What are your tips for getting out of a funk?

What are your tips for getting out of a funk? Would love to know! Leave them in the comments below so we can all have more ways to get out of a funk.