Sunday Prep

For me, Sunday prep is like a big sigh of relief before the week begins. I don’t go too crazy prepping every little detail of my life, but I always do these few things to help things feel smooth Monday morning:

Schedule workouts: I’ve done this forever and it’s the only way I make sure I get my workouts done. I find it especially useful if I book a class because I hate paying late fees. Regardless of whether it’s a class or an at home workout, it goes in my calendar and it’s a non-negotiable.Write a menu: Just like my workouts, I map out food for the week as well. I usually plan 4-5 dinners, and we will order in or go out for the others. I have two approaches to lunch: 1 – double dinner and eat leftovers for lunch or 2 – make some sort of “durable” salad that will last for 2-3 lunches. (I love combining kale with quinoa, roasted veggies like sweet potatoes, red onion, olive oil, and lemon. Kale is excellent for lasting salads). I grab majority of our produce from the farmer’s market Sunday mornings, our meat from Belcampo, then I order the rest on Instacart. We typically make food shopping more of a family outing than an errand.

Schedule something fun for the week ahead: I like to look at my calendar to make sure I have a grasp on obligations and add any important to-do’s. Then, I’ll schedule something to look forward to – a date night, lunch with a friend, or a solo thing like a facial, if I have someone to watch Noa. I am very much future focused so having something to anticipate is important for my mindset.

Matcha: Alex calls me “insane” for prepping these little jars but they legit save me every morning. My matcha involves collagen, inulin, and coconut sugar. When I’m trying to measure all of these things while half asleep at 5 AM, it’s an ordeal. Every Sunday, I put the perfect measurements in, then just dump it out while my water heats and voilà! You could do this with smoothie ingredients and pop them in the freezer or chop veggies for easier dinners, etc. The point is, figure out your pain points with prepping meals and tackle it on Sunday.

Relaxing: I find that if majority of my Sunday is spent being productive, I miss out on that unwind feeling I love about the weekend. So, while I might spend 1-2 hours organizing myself, the rest of the day is spent on decompressing. I like to get outside at the beginning of the day – usually for a long walk and the farmer’s market. Then I’ll come home, get myself together, then back to relaxing. Try dedicating a bit of time to a long bath, face mask, reading, or just being lazy in front of the TV!

What do you do to make Mondays a little easier?