Facial Oil

I’m a big fan of oil in my skincare. I used to be terrified it would break me out, but after an esthetician taught me how to properly use oil, I found it actually helps keep my skin clear and incredibly dewy.

My method with oil is to basically sandwich my routine with it – I start with an oil wash and end with an oil that keeps my products sealed in. Oil washes help gently break down makeup and bind to impurities without stripping the skin. This preps your skin beautifully for a second wash. I always double wash now, and my skin rarely breaks out.

I also use oil as the last step in my routine. This is where I was getting oil wrong at first, I basically thought oil was a replacement for my moisturizer, but it’s definitely not. Since the skin is made up primarily of water, oil actually doesn’t penetrate our skin very well, meaning it’s not the best hydrator. So now, I use my serums, a water-based moisturizer, and end with my oil. The oil acts to seal in my other products. If you apply it first, it will act as a barrier, not allowing your moisturizer or serums to sink in properly.

Tip: I usually save oil as a last step for night time only (daytime I typically use a moisturizer followed by tinted moisturizer with SPF). On days where I’m feeling dry or dull, I love adding a drop of oil to my tinted moisturizer.

You can see my favorite oils below – these are all favs that I keep in my regular rotation. I’ve also included a few body oils I’m using during pregnancy to help my growing belly, but honestly you could use these pregnant or not! You’ll also see plain old coconut oil because I have a few girlfriends who swear by it as an oil cleanser and makeup remover. I prefer thinner oil washes for ease of use, but this is a really good alternative for the girl on a budget!


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