My Morning Matcha

Matcha for me is an integral part of life. That may sound dramatic, but seriously it is the main motivation for getting out of my cozy bed most mornings. I love everything about it – the quiet nature of making it, the warm cup between my hands, that first sweet sip. I love it. And unlike my coffee drinking days, I far prefer making it at home than heading to my favorite coffee shop. 

Why matcha? Initially I was just looking for an escape from coffee because it made me feel wired, buzzed, and anxious. I read about matcha before it was truly mainstream and the benefits were enticing. First, it has a shitload of antioxidants – some studies show over 100x the antioxidant levels of traditional green tea. And this makes sense, since matcha is a type of green tea that we grind up and consume whole (compared to steeping the tea leaves). I can’t really imagine starting my day in a more powerful way than by fighting inflammation, lowering my cancer risk, calming my nervous system, enhancing mood, and increasing focus. Matcha checks all those boxes, so I’m in!

I’ve perfected my personal formula over the years, and this is the ideal combo I’ve cup up with:

1/2 – 1 teaspoon of organic matcha powder. Don’t bargain shop for matcha. Just don’t. Invest and buy the good stuff (some of my faves below). I choose the matcha measurement based on my caffeine needs. I struggle with insomnia so if it was a particularly rough night I might be going for the full teaspoon. If I miraculously slept well, we’ll go for the half. And yes, I measure, every single time.

2 scoops of collagen powder. I’m a vital proteins kinda girl, but there are some other options below. I initially started collagen because of the beauty benefits – improved skin texture, decreased cellulite, and to help out with those fine lines. For me personally, collagen delivered in the skin world – I truly notice a difference in the appearance of my skin when I have it daily. My sister in law says it makes her nails grow. Collagen production decreases as we age (side note: make sure you’re taking in ample vitamin C to increase your own production of collagen). Collagen helps rebuild our gut lining which perhaps you could care less about, but gut health controls everything from immunity to our serotonin production (that’s the hormone that makes you happy and relaxed).

2 teaspoons inulin powder. This is a type of fiber made from artichokes. Like collagen, it has no flavor so you won’t really notice it. I like adding it because it acts as a prebiotic, meaning it is a little snack for your gut bacteria, and they turn it into short-chain fatty acids, which in turn nourish your gut cells. We don’t need to go over the importance of gut health again (in short: a healthy gut will change your entire life, and this is not me being dramatic again).

1 teaspoon coconut palm sugar. I like this sugar because it has my favorite flavor and it’s lower on the glycemic index (meaning it is less likely to spike my blood sugar) than traditional sugars. With all sugars, I like to watch intake because natural or not it’s just not the best thing for you. Loading up on table sugar (hello, vanilla latte) in combination with caffeine is just a bad idea – it’ll spike your cortisol and ensure a crash later on – no thanks!

Making the matcha: True matcha lovers will cringe at my methods. Yes, I own the special little matcha whisk and sometimes I even use it (proof above!). There’s also an adorably small fine mesh strainer you can use to make sure your matcha is lump free. But…aint’ nobody got time for that. My method? Add all the previously mentioned powders to giant mug, pour over 10 ounces of 175 degree water from my nifty tea kettle, and use my hand blender to make it all foamy and creamy and perfect. No, it is not as meditative as the little matcha whisk, but I really don’t care cause my matcha is happily being sipped lump-free! Depending on my laziness levels, I might just blend in a splash of almond milk or if I’m feeling particularly ambitious I’ll foam up almond milk and make a real latte (usually I’ll use about 5 ounces of water in this case, and about a cup of almond milk). I like Califia unsweetened, vanilla almond milk.

Happy sipping!

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