Seasonal Bites: April

Spring has officially sprung and produce has shifted into detoxifying bites, like the April picks below. 

Strawberries: I am so excited to see these back at the farmer’s market. Nothing is better than a juicy, sweet strawberry, and this is the time of year to get them. Eat them solo, or cut them up and top with a little cashew cream (blend raw cashews, dates, vanilla bean, and water) for a creamy, clean treat.

Mint: We often forget the power of herbs in the presence of leafy greens like kale and spinach. Mint packs a powerful dose of anti-inflammatory nutrients and is a well-known detoxifier. It helps the body digest food and prevents bloat. Just smelling mint can be an energizing practice – try it right before a workout. I have been putting mint on everything – whole leaves are making it into every salad and I’m soaking them in my hot lemon water I have each morning. As soon as this Whole30 experiment is over I am putting a bunch into my first drink.

Meyer Lemon: These are a sweeter variety of lemon that are peaking right now. They have a slightly darker color, like an orange and a lemon had a baby. Most of the nutrients  in lemons actually live in the skin, so make zesting a regular practice for brightening a dish’s flavor and adding a dose of antioxidants. 

P.S. The three of these produce picks, with spinach, olive oil, and sea salt make a delicious salad! And now that I think about it, a delicious cocktail as well…six days and counting.