Stair Workout

Being a barre devotee keeps me happy and challenged, but I do occasionally crave some variety (particularly the outdoor kind). I live a straight one mile shot to the Lyon Street steps, and it tends to be my go-to spot – especially with the sunshine hitting San Francisco. With eight flights and seriously gorgeous views, its a cardio lover’s heaven (and if you’re like me and didn’t get the cardio-loving genes, the views will distract you).

Here’s a great 30 minute stair workout – and no, you don’t have to live in San Francisco to take advantage – just find a set near you!

1. Sprint up steps as fast as you can, jog down
2. Walk up steps at a fast pace, two stairs at a time, jog down
3. Moderate jog up stairs, one stair at a time, jog down

Once you’ve gone up the stairs 3x complete the following:
25 turned out squats (feet slightly wider than hips, toes to 11 and 1 o’clock, sink seat to knee height and hinge your torso forward, then return to standing)
20 alternating lunges (step right foot back into lunge so front knee is over front ankle and back knee is under hip, then step back foot forward to standing position and repeat on other side – this counts as one)
Plank with knee pull – 1 minute (the middle of your wrists should be lined up with the outside of your shoulders, pull your right knee to your chest, set it back and then repeat on left; try to keep your hips still, if movement is uncomfortable just hold a still plank)
20 pushups (hands wider than shoulders, you can do this up against a wall or on the ground)

Repeat everything (stair runs through bodyweight exercises 3x).

Don’t forget to stretch!