Seasonal Bites: March

Spring is (almost) here! I blinked and winter was gone, but I’m not the least bit mad. Spring is my jam – the feeling of renewal, the produce, and the spring cleaning. (Yes, cleaning made my list). I do a big clean once a year, where every belonging is scrutinized for necessity. Sunday I had a giant burst of motivation to get it done before spring officially starts and eight overstuffed garbage bags later, I am entering March feeling organized and light. This got me thinking about other areas that need renewal, and I’m definitely craving the same shift in my health. 

I’m truly in awe at how in sync our bodies’ needs and seasonal produce are. We want comforting warm foods and winter provides hearty root vegetables. With summer heat we need hydration and nature gives us watermelon, pineapple, and tomatoes. As we enter spring and crave a cleanse from winter’s heaviness, predictably nature provides it. Each month I’ll give you these Seasonal Bites to talk a little bit about what you should be buying right now. 

March Bites:

Asparagus: This veggie could make the list for every month through summer, which is wonderful since asparagus is incredibly cleansing and so versatile. Storage tip: snap the ends off (they should snap easily if the asparagus is good quality). Stick the asparagus in a jar with the ends submerged in water and store in the fridge. This will keep your asparagus fresh and crisp.

Avocado: California avocados just hit their stride. Haas are the ones to go for now and they are as creamy as ever. If you’ve been buying California avocados all winter long, they have probably taken a bit longer to ripen. These will become soft fast so store in the fridge if you want to slow the process down (or just eat them all day one like me). Grab a spoon and throw some seasoning on them or make my favorite breakfast.

Spring (or Green) Garlic: This might be a vegetable you aren’t familiar with, but please change that immediately. It combines the incredible flavor of garlic we all love, with the mildness and versatility of a sturdy lettuce. You can put it right on your sandwiches/salads raw or sautĂ© it in ghee and olive oil, season with sea salt + pepper and toss with fresh pasta. Spring garlic will boost your immunity, is incredibly rich in iron, and like traditional garlic, it helps us keep healthy cholesterol levels.